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Detox and Weight Loss: Treatments

We are excited to help you get started on your next health and wellness journey at Southeast Aesthetic + Wellness! Our three programs are geared towards anyone ready to make that next change. Our wellness team headed by Angel Turlington, WHNP is excited to get you on track!


Why Weight? - 30 Day Program

All of our Wellness Programs are great options for both men and women!


(1) MetabolicBiome™ Plus 7 Day Kit

A revolutionary healthy weight management tool

(4) B12 Shots

(2) InBody™ Body Composition Scans

(1) Custom Diet Plan and Nutrition Session


Optional Add-ons:

- Upgrade to 15 Day Detox

-(1) Meyers Cocktail IV

- GI Spotlight Testing

- 10% off all Supplements

- Upgrade to “30 Day Reset Program”

Four week product protocol that pairs detox, energy, longevity, and mineral formulas to gain your full health potential and create a foundation for the future

Pep in your Step - 90 Day Program

+ One time fee that covers a Comprehensive Wellness Assessment completed with our Nurse Practitioner.


-ZRT Weight Management Profile

-Peptide Therapy to increase Muscle Mass & decrease Weight

- B-Complex (oral doses)

-B12 Shots x 6 (biweekly)

-(3) Custom IVs

-Personalized Coaching Sessions with our Functional Nutritionist

-(3) InBody™ Body Composition Scans

-15 Day Cleanse or “30 Day Reset Program”


Optional Add-ons:

- GI Spotlight Testing

- 20% off all Supplements

Let it all Go - 6 Month Program

for up to one year

+ One time fee that covers a Comprehensive Wellness Assessment completed with our Nurse Practitioner. This includes a review of your medical history, lab work (TSH, TPO Antibodies, Vit D, Fasting Insulin, Lipid Panel with Ratio, Hemoglobin A1c), and your detailed treatment plan. 

 *Second NP visit REQUIRED at 6 months if you choose to continue program

-Peptide Therapy
-(1) B12 Injection each month x 4
-Custom Nutrition Plan
-Monthly Nutrition Counseling by Certified Functional Nutritionist
-Inbody™ Body Composition Scans

Optional Add-ons:

- 1 Week Reset

- 15 Day Cleanse

- Metabolism Boost IV

- 20% off of suggested Supplements

- 25% off All Body Services

Vanquish, Cellutone, EMSculpt

- Genetic Weight Control Panel

This evaluates 5 different markers that are known to have a significant impact on weight gain and responsiveness to exercise

-ZRT Weight Management Profile

Identify hormonal imbalances associated with weight gain. Detect risk markers for insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

- GI Spotlight Testing

The GI Spotlight functional wellness test analysis provides an in-depth look into the health of the gut microbiome.

Give us a call today to get started!

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