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IV Therapy: Treatments

Hormone balancing for all ages!


Are you having difficulty losing weight and/or have less muscle than earlier in life? Do you have less energy and mental stamina? Are you having difficulty sleeping? Have you developed mood issues? Are you have more aches and pains than you feel that you should? Would you like to potentially live longer with less disease?

Take the next step!

Schedule your consult with Angel Turlington, WHNP where she can evaluate you fully, without that feeling of rush at most medical practices, on how Hormone Balancing could positively impact your everyday life now and in your future!

Not sure If you need hormones?
No worries, she may suggest other Non Hormonal Therapies to improve your quality of life!


$400 Initial Consultation Fee Includes

✔️ One Hour Consultation

✔️ Basic Hormone Labs

✔️ Detailed Treatment Plan


+Quarterly Fee

Covers One Visit every 90 Days (can be done in person or virtually)

Members of our Aesthetic Membership Program: $700/quarter

Non Member Pricing: $800/quarter

Plan Includes

✔️ Hormones shipped directly to patient or administered in house

✔️ Monthly B12 shot (at home or at our facility)

✔️ 20% off all Supplements, Weight Loss Programs, IVs, Peptides

✔️ Free Monthly Inbody Composition Analysis

Peptide Fees

Same $400 Initial Consult with labs plus

$300/month for each Peptide

Other Information

✔️ Can use HSA cards

✔️ Can submit insurance for any additional labs*

*Will be considered out of network and will be patients responsibility

Call today to schedule your initial consultation!

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