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There is still time to sign up for our Detox Challenge!

In the pursuit of optimal health and vitality, it's imperative to leverage the latest scientific advancements. Introducing a groundbreaking wellness program designed to empower your journey towards holistic well-being: The Science-Based Wellness Program. Crafted with precision and backed by research, this program integrates a synergy of potent solutions to revitalize your body from the inside out.

Power Biological Detox

At the core of our program lies the Power Biological Detox, a dynamic duo comprising AMPK Charge+™ and Ultra Binder®. This formidable combination synergistically activates a master metabolic pathway, mobilizes toxins, and purifies cells, fostering a comprehensive detoxification process. By supporting metabolic function and flexibility, it enhances the body's ability to utilize fat for fuel, promoting optimal wellness from within.

Amplify Energy Production

Elevate your energy levels with our Amplify Energy Production regimen. NAD+ Gold® and Methyl Charge+™ collaborate to bolster NAD+ production, facilitate mitochondria biogenesis, and optimize the methylation cycle. By tapping into new energy reserves and unlocking longevity potential, this synergistic blend invigorates your vitality, empowering you to seize each day with renewed vigor.

Remineralize and Revitalize

Nourish your cells and invigorate your body with our Remineralize and Revitalize protocol. QuintEssential® 3.3, a deep seawater solution enriched with vital minerals, and H2 Elite, dissolvable molecular hydrogen, synergize to replenish electrolytes, enhance energy levels, and fortify antioxidant defenses. Whether during detoxification or physical exertion, this potent combination fosters cellular remineralization, empowering you to thrive at your peak.

Embark on a Journey Towards Holistic Well-Being

The Science-Based Wellness Program transcends conventional approaches, offering a holistic solution to optimize your health and vitality. Backed by scientific research and formulated with precision, each component of this program is meticulously crafted to empower you on your wellness journey.

In addition to the Detox Program you will also receive:

✔ A ticket to our Live Kickoff Session

✔ Vitamin D Blood test with advice for optimal ranges

✔ Weekly Support LIVE meetings with Angel & supportive emails

✔ Unlimited BrainTap Meditation

✔ Unlimited Infrared Light Wellness Pod Sessions 

✔ The choice of a Wellness IV or Four Tri-Immune Shots

✔ All participants will also be placed into a drawing for a 

FREE HORMONE or GUT HEALTH test and evaluation of their choice!


Unlimited POD Red Light Therapy for one year

The choice of 1 Metabolic Protein or Beauty Collagen

One B12 Vitamin Injection per Quarter for a year!

Deadline to register is March 27th, 2024. Start date will be April 1st!

Unleash your full potential and embark on a transformative voyage towards holistic well-being with the Science-Based Wellness Program. Reclaim vitality, ignite energy, and embrace a life of optimal health. The journey awaits – are you ready to embark? Give us a call at 919-243-8146 to sign up today!

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