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Join us in Finding your Balance with our Detox Challenge

This inspiring 4-week program is backed by a foundational nutraceutical protocol that pairs groundbreaking detox, energy, and longevity formulas to get you back to your full potential. 

Program includes personal support by Angel Turlington, WHNP who Is participating and coaching you every step of the way!  Let her years of age reversal techniques not only make you feel better, but look better too!

Shred unwanted fat, reduce cellulite, Increase energy, sleep better and more!

In addition to the Detox Program you will also receive:

✔ A ticket to our Live Kickoff Session

✔ Vitamin D Blood test with advice for optimal ranges

✔ Weekly Support LIVE meetings with Angel & supportive emails

✔ Unlimited BrainTap Meditation

✔ Unlimited Infrared Light Wellness Pod Sessions 

✔ The choice of a Wellness IV or Four Tri-Immune Shots

✔ All participants will also be placed into a drawing for a 

FREE HORMONE or GUT HEALTH test and evaluation of their choice!


Unlimited POD Red Light Therapy for one year

The choice of 1 Metabolic Protein or Beauty Collagen

One B12 Vitamin Injection per Quarter for a year!

Deadline to register is March 27th, 2024.

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