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Pain Free, Hair Free, Hair Removal: Treatments

The Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ Laser Hair Removal treatment, offered by Southeast Aesthetic + Wellness can now liberate you from daily shaving and tedious plucking. With Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ you can forget about expensive waxing, too. This is a safe laser hair removal treatment all year long! This treatment is suitable for blonde, red, and dark hair and can be used on pale, suntanned, fake tanned, and ethnic skin - revolutionizing the laser hair removal game.

Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ combines cutting-edge medical laser technology with the comfort and convenience of a trip to the med spa. The breakthrough, revolutionary technology has been described as one of the most comfortable hair removal options available.

You can expect results from a series of relatively short sessions. (The actual time depends mainly on the size of the area you are having treated.) A trained laser technician performs each treatment and you are free to return to normal activities immediately after each session.

Pain-Free, Hair-Free uses the most successful photoepilation wavelength (810nm), which makes it the gold standard for laser hair removal. In addition, a patented DualChill mechanism ensures the surface of your skin stays cool and even more comfortable throughout your treatment.

Pain-Free, Hair-Free works by using pulses of infrared diode laser energy to gradually heat the hair follicles in the sub-dermal layer of skin until they can no longer produce new hair. Using unique, IN-Motion technology and a patented DualChill treatment tip, the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable. The sweeping motion also eliminates any skipped or missed spots common to other types.

Because of Pain-Free, Hair-Free’s unique technology, treatment sessions can be virtually pain-free.
Other benefits include:

  • Complete coverage with no missed spots

  • Fast treatment times

  • Few side effects

  • Return to normal activities immediately, no recovery or downtime

  • Safe for all skins types, including tanned or ethnic skin

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